G Morris Jones, LLC - Concealed Handgun and Firearms Training
About Me
I am committed to providing top quality instruction in Concealed Handgun, Basic Pistol, Basic Rifle, Basic Shotgun and home firearm safety.  I am certified by the Texas DPS and Louisiana State Police to teach Concealed Handgun and by the NRA in Pistol, Rifle,  Shotgun, Personal Protection and Home Firearm Safety.  I am a retired electrician,  Vietnam Veteran, Paratrooper, and life long target shooter.

NRA Basic Rifle, Pistol, and Shotgun 

 These classes are for the new shooter who hasn't had any formal training. You will learn how a gun works, how to - - - aim, pull the trigger correctly, clean and maintain your gun and a lot of safety, Things like, how to store your gun so the kids won't get it. How to keep from pointing it things you don't want to shoot etc. I encourage anyone who is a novice shooter to take the basic NRA class before going on to a CHL. I offer a nice discount on your CHL class if you take the basic pistol class first

NRA Personal Protection Inside the Home and Outside the Home.

These two classes are more advanced after the CHL classes in these you will learn how to make your home secure what to do if someone breaks in and dealing with the police,  Outside the home you will learn how to identify threats and how to effectively deal with them both with deadly force and less lethal force.

NRA Refuse to be a Victim 

Learning lifestyle changes to help keep you safe at home, shopping, during recreational activities and cyber security.  This is a non-gun class that teaches us how to avoid being a victim of crime. 


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